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Nomination! Lodge N°1 for Instrumental/Experimental album of the year!

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On February 23, the Vancouver Island Music Awards announced their list of the 2013 nominees.

Lodge No.1 by the Glass Tables was nominated in the category of Island instrumental or Experimental album of the Year.

Our glass tables founders Sally Norris and Tomas Bouda joined forces with musicians, Larissa Mason (Ottawa ON) and Christopher Reiche (Victoria BC) to engage an intensive creative process captured by Lodge No.1

“We essentially went to the woods to create.  We wanted to be able to experience the beauty and calm of the forests” said Christopher Reiche.  The band was in the woods for just over a week while they wrote and recorded the pieces.

Their music is heavily based on improvisation and inhabits a space in between  jazz and free improv.  At the core of this album is the bands desire to experiment and try something new.

The album can be heard at

Viewed in live performance at

CDs can be purchased by contacting

christopherreiche [at] gmail [dot] com

Congratulations to all our nominated friends and colleagues on Vancouver Island. We can’t wait for the award show on April 28th!


Sally & Tom

Lodge N° 1

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