the glass tables

band / music collective, Toronto ON Canada


The Glass Tables is a band / music collective founded by Tomas Bouda (composition, guitar, bass) and Sally Norris (composition, keyboards) in 2011 in Chicago IL when the pair got up to play a few songs at the Archer Ballroom. Now, it is a project to explore limitless genres and aesthetics, from through composed stage music to free improvisation, from pop song to opera with a revolving door of personnel. It is a platform where we can maintain and develop our professional relationships with musicians and artists we met while in school together at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo ON), those we met at graduate school and those in these early stages of our careers. It has become a way to diminish the distance between artists in our aesthetic community as we settle across Canada. We believe that each project and each participant will breathe life into our work with their own unique voice. While our own voices grow stronger, it is important to us to create an open space where experiment is the foundation. Here, we can try anything and explore how our own voices fit into the changing Canadian musical landscape. The Glass Tables began a journey over the past year. In 2012, we received a FACTOR grant to record an EP with Christopher Reiche (piano, composition) and Larissa Mason (vocals) we headed to the woods in Pembroke ON where we spent an intensive week creating and recording music together. The result was Lodge n° 1 released September 23rd, 2012. It was comprised of four pieces with elements of composition and improvisation that contemplated the seasons and how they turn. They are Ascension, Summer, Descension and Winter. Lodge n° 1 was nominated for Vancouver Island Music Award Best Instrumental/experimental album of the year. A live performance of the album tracks can be viewed at YouTube form the Left Over Daylight Series at Somewhere there in Toronto ON (August 31st, 2012). The glass tables took back the stage in Toronto (March 2013) composing and performing in Upstart Theatre’s adaptation of The Seagull. While we look forward to more collaborations with the likes of Sarah Albu and Ensemble Paramirabo, the band / collective can be found coast to coast in Canada armed with full set list of original pop / folk songs, sets of open improvisation / framework pieces, and open to any possibilities.

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